Portugalís Bestselling Spiritual Author 
Alexandra Solnado

"In this book, Jesus answers all of the questions put to him. His answers are not objective, he only comments; so that each of you may then go on to find your own answer. No one in heaven infringes upon our free will."  --From The Book of Light 

The Book of Light: Ask and Heaven Will Answer
 is an interactive book of spiritual wisdom that lets you consult the divine for heavenly guidance on life issues. Similar to Runes or the I Ching, The Book of Light consists of 17 Aramaic symbols and 272 messages received by Alexandra from Jesus.
What Jesus Has for You Today (Widget)

Is a radical new application that shares inspirational guidance from Jesus right on your desktop.
Simply click on the book to receive your personalized message from Jesus, anytime you need divine inspiration.
Become a Healer with the Energy of Jesus

This is a course on Spiritual Cleansing transmitted to Alexandra Solnado by Jesus. It consists of 8 weekly classes and audio meditations/exercises. Renowned spiritual teacher Alexandra Solnado shares the healing techniques, dictated by Jesus that you can use for 
spiritual cleansing of yourself, others, places and planet earth. Cleansing oneself and the surrounding 
environment of energetic densities is absolutely 
essential to our Soulís evolution and our personal ascension process.

Alexandra Solnado is an international spiritual healer, a beloved spiritual teacher and one of Portugal's bestselling authors.

Nearly a quarter of a million people have embraced her work, attracted by the depth of her spiritual wisdom, the power of her spiritual therapies, and the high level energy that she accesses.

She is the author of 11 bestselling books.



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