You've seen or read Peter Pan and Tinker Bell

Now, from Australia, comes


First Collector’s Edition

of original Australian magical fairy tales

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Four tales in and around the fabulous Great Hall of Dreams,

in the Royal Kingdom of Fairy Green


This outstanding collector’s item will be a treasure for favourite children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.  A wonderful birthday present, or Thanksgiving or Christmas gift!  Or as a personal indulgence! 

Presented in a beautiful and sturdy slipcase (embossed and with gold leaf), these tales by the late Michael Kelly will enchant and delight all.

The stories are brought to life visually by well-known artist Glenda Wise, who’s been able to capture their magic and the hidden world of fairies and their fairy friends.

Each of the four books also has an embossed hard cover.

Each slipcase containing the collection is individually numbered and worthy of display in a prominent position for all to see. 

The quality is magnificent.

Monash University psychologist and teacher Dr Denis Kiellerup expressed considerable interest in the books.  ‘Magic plays a very important part in every child's development.  It contributes to their creativity and intellectual development as they grow up.  Using fairies and magic to help young children to learn is brilliantly innovative.  I anticipate that the books will become compulsory reading!’

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Want to know more about these heart-warming fairy tales?  Click here to read one of the stories online.

Book 1  The fairy who couldn’t fly.

She was so tiny and so scared that she hid in a deserted castle.  Surely no one could hurt her there, she thought.

Who was she?  Nobody knew.  Will she find out why she is different from other fairies?  Why did her parents disappear so long ago?

And what actually happened to them?

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Book 2  The Circle of Stars

Fairy Bels is now living in her own house near the Great Hall of Dreams, and she can now fly with the other fairies.

But she knows that her story has really only just begun.  Who were her parents?  What happened to them?  This she must discover.

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Book 3  Return to Middle Castle  Click on the title to read the story and check out its illustrations

The Royal Kingdom of Fairy Green is in trouble. 

The magic fairy dust might disappear. 

Fairy Green’s power could be lost.  Fairy Green would be no more.

It’s time for Fairy Bels to find her parents, save Fairy Green, and help the little Earth children to dream again.  Learning about a great danger to Earth...

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Book 4  The Magic Bracelet

The Royal Kingdom of Fairy Green gets through a lot of special fairy food and special Bee Tea.

Today was the day to collect their next supplies from the forest.

But Stinky Witch had her own ideas, and Fairy Bels was soon in terrible trouble...

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The Royal Kingdom of Fairy Green initiative is aimed at encouraging children to read more, to expand their creativity, and help prepare them for their role as future stewards of the planet.

Ian Burns, Managing Director, Fairy Green Australia Pty Ltd, 6 Lorraine Drive, Briar Hill 3088, Australia.








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