1. Produce Leads of Individuals Interested in Making Money from Home (We will show you how to do this!)
  2. Call Those Leads Back and Have a Casual Conversation with Them.  There is Absolutely No "Selling" Required!
  3. Invite Them to Attend the Online 30-Minute Business Overview Webinar, where they will learn about the company, products, and how much money is on the table here.
  4. Call Them Back and Collect Their Decision.
It's that simple.  Think you can do that?  Not Rocket Science, right?
If you are interesting in finding out more, visit my website at where I will introduce you to some of my business partners.

Make it a great day!
To Your Success,
David Haney, Online Business Coach
My Direct Line - 903-723-8557
P.S.  If you have a computer and phone, you're already halfway there!  Take advantage!





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