Hi, I'm a youth football coach, and as I was looking for a way to raise money for our Football Team, I came across "The Blastoff Network" It has since been a huge blessing. -Coach Dave Ostrowski
Imagine getting paid every time you - or any of your friends - shop at over 500 retailers like Target, Gap, Barnes & Noble, Home Depot and Priceline.

Blastoff is a free online shopping network. And here's the kicker - the more people you invite to join your network, the more money you can make. And when they invite their friends and the word spreads, you make money on all of their shopping. How cool is that!!

Let's recap..FREE to join, SAVES you money, PAYS you when your friends shop, tons of FUN. This is a no-brainer! So, sign up, spread the word - and countdown to cash!



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