Men's Graduated Compression Socks 20-30 mmHg

                               Designed to help:

                              ___energize tired legs and feet

                              ___improve circulation

                              ___prevent ankle, foot, and leg swelling

                              ___relieve varicose veins


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                   *  Over-the-calf style graduated compression socks, MICRO- FIBER      

                    construction, featuring non-binding tops that stay up on their own.


               * Quite possibly the most comfortable support sock you will ever wear.


               * Ideal for dress, casual, and travel wear -- $14.95 per pair


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                    Ken Parks

                    Direct Health, Inc.

                    611 Templeton Ave                                                                                        

                    Charlotte, NC 28203

                    directhealth@mindspring.com      704-334-9300


                    PS  Women's Support Hosiery and Surgical Weight Stockings are also available.






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