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MarineMarks custom replacement instrument and dash panels
Make your boat look like new....Or Better!

Does your boat look great, except for those worn, cracked, or faded dash panels?
Have you considered upgrading to more modern instrumentation, but don't want to cut up your dash?
Or do you just want a new look?

At MarineMarks, we do it all!



Visit our website at: www.MarineMarks.com for more examples
Or go directly to our Quote Request Page, our prices are the best!
Example: Sea Ray 330 DA, 2 panels, $369


MarineMarks specializes in replacement instrument, dash, radio, and switch panels for your boat.
We use your original instrument and dash panels and state of the art technology to turn your old
worn out panels in to digital files, which are cut out by a high-tech Computer Numeric Control [CNC] Router.
The CNC then cuts a replacement for your panels from your choice of acrylic or aluminum
sheet of the proper thickness and creates a replacement accurate to 1/100 of an inch!
The newly created panels are checked against your panels, edged, and sent to a special UV Printer
The printer was specially designed and it's inks are guaranteed not to fade for many years.
It also has the ability to use any color, pattern, border, texture, or image you desire for your replacement dash panels.

Visit Our Website at: www.MarineMarks.com E-Mail us at: marks@MarineMarks.com 
Or just give us a call at (636) 537-0697 and see what we can do for your boat!

Many special options are available as well. A small sample:
Back-lit lettering
Instrument Re-Location
Instrument [cutout] Removal
Carbon Fiber Pattern

MarineMarks is a family owned business, and has been involved in the boating industry for over 35 years.
We strive to treat all of our customers as dockmates, and appreciate your business!





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