If you’re currently a realtor and you’re looking to increase your 
income while you decrease the number of hours you work, 
then this will be one of the most important emails you ever read.


Here’s why.


My name is Merv Barrett from RealEstateOutsourcing101.com


I've been a realtor for over 11 years now. And when I first started 
in real estate... I did everything myself. And I mean EVERYTHING.

My regular work day was 16 hours long and most of my time off 
was spent thinking of what I'd do the next day.

I worked harder at real estate than ANYONE else I knew. I made 
more cold calls, banged on more doors and went on more listing 
presentations than other agents.

Somewhere along the way, I started to DREAD getting up every 
morning to do more cold calling, or send out more postcards or 
brochures, or meet with more prospects.

It forced me to stop what I was doing and analyze how I could do 
things differently.

For me to live the life I wanted and make the money I dreamed of, 
I needed a way to get a lot of the smaller tasks done... so I could 
spend more time in front of clients and prospects. You know... 
where the money is ACTUALLY made.

So I decided to create a team to help me do some of the smaller 
tasks in my real estate business.

This generated so much business for me in 2 months...  I had to 
hire another sales assistant just so I could keep up with the work!

Are you seeing the power in using other people to grow your 
real estate business?

No matter what it is, you can hire a virtual assistant to do 
ANYTHING you need done in your business.

But to do it right, and hire the right people the right way… you 
need a guide. A blueprint.

And that’s what my Real Estate Outsourcing 101 course is…


And after several years of trial and error and finally figuring out 
a system... I can show you how to set up your real estate business 
so that you're able to make a lot more money WHILE you enjoy 
more time off.

In fact, I was able to cut my work week down from 70 hours a 
week... to less than 30.

But more importantly... I DOUBLED my income at the same time!

Take it from me... it's an incredible feeling when you can start 
making the money you want to make... and also start taking a 
lot more time off each and every week.

I can tell you from personal experience, you'll start to enjoy 
being a realtor a lot more.

This course is like following a "road map". Follow these tips and 
you'll soon hire a team of virtual assistants that help you grow 
your real estate business, increase your commissions, and 
take more time off.


You will NOT find a more simple, yet more effective guide for 
growing your virtual real estate team… which helps you grow 
your commissions and take more time off to enjoy life!


That's because you'll start spending your time on only the stuff 
you need to be doing… while someone else handles the rest!


You’ll be handling the important sales presentations… while your 
team handles all the details.


Daydream for a moment. Imagine how it would feel to spend your 
day just going into the important sales meetings with clients. All 
you do is go into listing presentations or buyer presentations… 
where you swoop in and make the sale.


And all the while, your team handles ALL THE REST! From 
prospecting, to making phone calls and setting appointments, to 
writing ads and listings, to doing anything else that’s NOT the best 
use of your time…  you’ll have so much more free time each day.


Imagine how it would feel to only have to work a couple hours 
each day… while at the same time… your income doubles because 
you’re listing more homes and selling more homes.


Now you’re home for dinner with the family each night. You’re off 
on weekends so you can take the family on trips and adventures 
that they’ll never forget.


Well, you can have all of this and more. But you must first decide 
to go after it.


And if you've made the decision to finally take charge and change 
your business for the better, just follow my proven course 
“Real Estate Outsourcing 101.


It's a "do this, then do that" type of course, which gives you all the 
tips and techniques you need to find, hire, and grow your virtual 
real estate team that takes your business to a whole new level.


After all, I've already spent 11 years learning all this stuff… to the
point now where my real estate business makes me more money 
in less time than ever.


My responsibility is to make sure you don't make the same mistakes 
I made along the way.


So save the time and aggravation. Use my experience as your 
shortcut guide to hiring your virtual real estate team, increasing your 
commissions, and decreasing the amount of time you work!


When you build your real estate team the right way... you'll start to 
generate more business and your income will increase because 
you'll have a lot more free time to get listings and sell others.

You'll consult with clients on the important factors... while your team 
manages your appointments, artwork they need to approve, books 
buyer appointments and leaves you to list, negotiate, and sell.

The best part is... you can get an entire TEAM of virtual assistants 
at your call for LESS than hiring one, full-time ON-SITE Assistant!

And what's more... I'll show you where you can find hundreds of 
qualified assistants. Then I'll show you the step-by-step instructions 
for interviewing and hiring the best ones.

Hundreds of other realtors have used my secrets to drastically 
increase their income… while at the same time… reduce the 
number of hours they work each week.


If you’re really motivated to succeed and get ahead in your real 
estate business… this will put you on the fast-track to doing so.


I promise… this program can help you get your real estate business
set up the right way FAST… where you finally have the free time, 
money, confidence, happiness, and peace of mind you really want. 

And the best part is… just IMAGINE how you’re going to feel a month 
from now… as you’re listing more houses, selling more houses, 
skyrocketing your commission checks and becoming the top 
producer in your agency… WHILE you’re also putting in less 
hours at the office!

Imagine the happiness you gain when you’re making double the 
commission checks you normally make… and you’re working 
HALF the hours you normally work!

By putting together a great team of virtual assistants that do your 
work for you… you’ll be working less, making more money, spending 
more time with your family, doing more of the thing you want to do.

And because of that… you’ll actually start looking forward to work 
again because you’re continuously amazed at how much you can 
accomplish in your day… when you have a GREAT team of people 
working with you.

You’ll feel as if a giant weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You're 
more positive and upbeat... you're going from presentation to 
presentation… closing more clients, selling more homes, and 
getting more listings.

So please, make your business plan as fool-proof as you possibly can. 
Just follow what I’ve laid out in Real Estate Outsourcing 101.

Using this course to grow your virtual team to take a lot of the work off 
your hands is literally the single best thing you can do just for YOU.


This is about investing in you. It's something you can do just for you. It's 
about making YOU happy. And you know something... you deserve it.


So do yourself a favor. If you want to make a change in your business 
AND you life... you owe it to yourself to try this.


If you always feel you're not getting ahead, or that you’re not making the 
money you want to make, or enjoy the time off you want to enjoy… then 
make the decision, right now, to do what you need to do in order to get 
the results you want.


If you're really motivated to earn as much money as you want... and do 
it all in HALF the time you’re spending now… then this course will help you.


So go ahead and check it out, you'll be glad you did.



Merv Barrett


P.S.  Remember, this is about investing in you. It's about letting you shine. 
It's about giving back to you... after all the giving you've done to others. I 
can personally say from experience, you'll feel so much better after you do.


So take action, take control and be in charge of increasing your real estate
commissions WHILE you start enjoying more free time. 
This is your life… start to enjoy it more.


Let others grow your business for you… so you can start to enjoy some 
of the fruits of your hard work.




Real Estate Outsourcing 101
5 Green Road, Hillarys WA 6025 Australia



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