Insurance Agents: Join Acclivity West Today!

Dear Insurance Agent,

We are looking for licensed California insurance agents that have a desire to add an innovative product to present to their clientele.  We are expanding in the California marketplace and are looking for highly motivated insurance agents that would like to earn a competitive commission while diversifying your clients’ investments.  Our Life Settlement Investment Product is capable of bringing a new level of diversification and exceptional returns to your clients.

Some of the Benefits of our product to your Clients are:* Diversification of Assets
* A-rated Insurance Companies
* Returns are not correlated to any markets or indices
* IRA Friendly

Some of the Benefits of our product to your Business are: 
* A new product you can offer your clients in this low interest rate environment
* Competitive commission rates for initial purchases and reinvestments
* Our product can be put into many different types of accounts such as IRA’s, Trust, Corporate and Retail accounts

Some of the Benefits in signing up with Acclivity West are: 
* Professional and Prompt Service
* Registered to do business solely in California
* We use a fully licensed escrow agent to handle client funds
* All funds are deposited in a nationally recognized financial institution
* Commissions are paid expeditiously


We would love to speak to you in more detail with no obligation on your behalf. 
Please contact JC Coronado at 713-842-0154 or email me at





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