Let me start by saying that this is not another spam email guaranteeing you top placement on search engines. We are a legitimate company based in Dallas, Texas with a global reach and over 11 years of experience with some of the biggest names around.
Ever wonder why your search traffic is so low and your website ranks so low for keywords that are related to your business? Are you tired of spending money month-after-month on your search marketing efforts with little or no return on your investment? Are you tired of hearing the same old line from your current vendor? Are you tired of seeing the same reports on a monthly basis from your current vendor?
We are offering you a comprehensive set of recommendations and a full analysis of your current website…things that your current web developer or SEO vendor hasn’t told you or hasn’t performed.
Our services include an analysis and recommendations for the following:
Let’s us do something about it and change the way you’re presented on the Web. Gone are the days of “search engine optimization “or “SEO.”Today, it’s better referred to as “Web Presence Management,” as people are now utilizing many channels to “search” for your business. Albeit, the majority of searches are still being performed at the search engine level, the biggest growth in searches is happening on Facebook, Twitter and localized social networks such as Yelp, Foursquare and even on specialized services such as Quora and Linkedin.
Hire us and we will show you what your current provider has failed to perform, how and what needs to be performed, and how to leverage your business for a better “Web Presence.” We will provide you with a guide on how to better position yourself on the social network landscape and better position your business on the Web to attract more business.
Gone are the days of paying a monthly retainer for the same old results and reports. Our rate for these services typically starts at $5,000. However, for this month only, our comprehensive set of analysis, reports and recommendations are available for a one-time fee of $4,250.
We are only taking two more clients in your market and it truly is a first come first served opportunity. Our track record speaks for itself for dentistry, cosmetic surgery, weight loss and other medical practices in markets across the USA. If you do a search for botox, weight loss, and liposuction services to name a few, chances are all of the top results are our clients.
For roughly the cost of a full-page ad in your local magazine, we can provide you with the tools that will drive your business for a lifetime. This is not a program that ends the day your stop paying us; it is simply a one-time fee that will last for the lifetime of your website.
To get started today, please call me at 972.455.4801 or send me an email at so that we can schedule a time to discuss next steps.
John G. Sanchez
President & CEO

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