! Sales improvement ! 

How much more profit could your company make if I could show you a way to increase the response rate to your current (local) marketing by 10%...25%...or more in potentially ? 

My name is T.C. Balvert, MBA, B.ec. and I am a merchant consultant of the largest shopping reward organisation (real, legal and honest) in the world. I am contacting you because I can help you improve the pulling power of your (local) marketing without increasing your (local) marketing budget with no sells. That's right. I am not asking you to spend more money on (local) marketing. I am only asking you for an opportunity to enhance your current (local) marketing so it produces better results. 

My specialty is to optimize your (local) marketing that are producing lousy results. What I propose is that I give you an extra opportunity nearest to your current marketing and show you how increase your sales and create extra money above your sales. Marketing, with no sells, without costing you a cent more than you are paying now. 

For example, let's say that you serve 50 customers a day or 250 customers in a week, which totals 1,000 in a month. This means that you has 1,000 members in your first month, with each of them having Pay Point. If each of these members refers a few of their friends as members, your network will grow quickly and dramatically. Your 1,000 members becomes 3,000 members just by each member referring two people each! You will be very happy! 

However, most businesses do no realize that their (local) marketing could be producing far better results if it was uses this loyalty program (online & offline), that using scientifically tested direct-response (local) marketing techniques. 

We have the ideal Merchant Business Development Program ! 

To prove to you how confident I am that I can make your (local) marketing produce better results, I will give you a free membership when you have no sells! With this offer you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Plus, you can create extra money (multiple income possibilities), when you choose the paid memberships, above your sales!  

If you want your (local) marketing program to generate more leads and sales, please reply me today for free, with no-obligation, and I send you more specific information with our Rewards Merchant Application. My E-mail address is doyoulikemail@yahoo.com .

Or call me at 1 408 556 9901. 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

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P.S.:  As an offline Merchant affiliate you accept the Reward Card and as an online business you are to be listed in the international shopping mall (Geographic & Category divided). 

As an Merchant Affiliate you can also become a VIP (Vested Income Partner) and refer the following memberships:

  • Rewards member;
  • Affiliate partner;
  • VIP (Vested Income Partner);
  • Affinity Groups.



This newsletter (E-mail)  has  been made by T.C. Balvert, an independent representative. You go agreed with a free registration when you complete the free membership process. I receive information by e-mail and is informed of the ontwikelingen. I am possible, if I want decide stop that, at every moment to without some costs. Address: Romeflat 97, 1422 ER  Uithoorn, the Netherlands. 






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