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The information contained below will protect you from any market conditions. Read how a
revolutionary system can grow your investments SAFELY. 
Follow these easy steps to obtain additional
information at no obligation.

Hello, my name is Steve Vincic from BMV DIRECT INC. I have had the fortune of connecting two very
seasoned and successful firms together. One that offers safety of investing in all market conditions and
a second company that can grow your nest egg beyond what you thought was possible. Both firms are
duly licensed and have been in business for many years.

1. Read the standard letter below sent to prospective clients.
2. If there is an interest please visit our website or  kindly respond back
to this email:

requesting further information at no obligation. In the response please provide name, city/state
and phone number. This pre-screening is done and agreed by both firms involved to deal with
clients that are genuinely interested in protecting and growing their investment capital through
the instruments described below.
3. A second email will be mailed to you describing the returns of the various investment programs.
The trading results since January of 2001 are very competitive, and my personal account has
yielded similar returns in the period it has been open.
4. If you are interested further, kindly respond back requesting additional information. You will be
directed to the investment firm to discuss potential investment avenues and capital protection

This email and subsequent emails are worth reading and taking the time to go through. There is no
doubt that the information contained below will protect your equity and grow your investment funds

Best Regards,

Steve Vincic

Safety of funds and preservation of capital is your utmost concern. With a consistent track record of
trading for over 25 years our reputation is strong and continues to excel in tough market conditions.
As of last week, we have signed an agreement with a Canadian based company. With this agreement
in place, we have been able to effectively secure all of your investment funds 100% while paying you
a premium of 5.85% annually for 8 years. Additionally, 35% of your investment funds are diverted
into our investment firm to capitalize on our trading strategies, which has been producing on average
3.21% return monthly since 2001. The most exciting component of this entire program is that ALL of
your funds are fully secured and insured by only an A+ (and higher) rated insurance company in the US.

What does this mean for you?

At the end of the 8 year commitment you will receive:
* Initial investment of funds (100% insured)
* Annual premium of 5.85% for 8 years
* 35% of diverted funds (100% insured)

* Profits/losses from the 8 years of trading recommendations

With this agreement in place we are now able to provide this program to the average investor. Both
companies are fully licensed in Canada for their portion of this agreement.

Please respond to this email indicating interest and we will set up a time to discuss the details of the
program and its advantages for you.


L8E 5H1
 If there is an interest,  Please visit our website or  kindly respond back
to this email




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