I just wanted to recommend a great book I read about how to improve our thinking during tough times...

It seems that every time I listen to the news, I walk away feeling terrible and stressed about our economy and my personal finances.  What I learned from this book is that it doesn't have to be like that.  You can be be happy and make good money even when everyone around you is pessimistic.

The book claims that the difference between financial success and the poor house is just a few financial principles that anyone can do.  The book says that most "real" financial wealth started in what others call "bad times."  It also explains how to change our thinking so we have a good "financial attitude" which will carry us through difficult times.  

This is, by far, one of the most insightful and life changing books I've ever read on how to make positive financial changes in my life.  

The book and webinar costs $17.95 and you can pick it up here:  http://metshq.com/tough-times-book/

- Amy

PS.  My husband hates to read, so he got online and watched the webinar presentation of the book and thoroughly enjoyed it - said it was the best webinar he'd ever attended!

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