I have located a way for anybody to obtain open credit in Mexico via major
credit cards such as Visa,Mastercard, and AMEX.  You will receive open credit
between $40,000-$60,000 via (5) cards  Although these cards are issued by a
Mexican banking institution, they will work anywhere,worldwde at merchants and
banks that display the Mastercard,Visa and American Express logo.

 All that is ask of you is that you agree to being a spokesperson for the
services that were provided to you.  This will include testimonials via
published material such as brochures and websites and via telephone where you
agree to speak honestly about your experience with this program.

 You must agree to speak to potential customers about the program for a period
of (1) year from the date you activate credit cards.  In return for doing this
for individuals referred to the program by you a seperate agreement will be
made to outline the percantage due you. In the event should your application be
declined by any of the (5) card issuers your money would be refunded at the
rate of $50 for each one.  This has never happened but if it should then the
refund would be honored.

I came across this program from an ad. After speaking with the individual in
Mexico who is doing it I knew this was what I had been looking for. Credit is
much different there than here.

They do not have a credit monitoring service such as Experion, Transunion and
others. Most of the country doesn't even deal in credit. They are a cash based
society. However they are slowly goingover to credit based. Everywhere you go
in stores like Walmart, Kmart and others they are literally throwing credit at

 The person who will be arranging for you to receive your cards wants to
eventually open this up for others but at a much higher price than $250.
However he knows most people will be reluctant to do it since its coming from
Mexico so by having people like myself and others who have received the cards
it will lend much more credibility.

I can assure you this program is totally for real and legitimate. The fact you
are not a resident of Mexico is no problem. He will take care of establishing
that for you through his contacts with the banks issuing the cards.  All you
need is a passport, drivers license or other photo ID.  I realize this may not
be for everyone.

 However it is getting tougher and tougher for people to obtain credit in the
USA if you had any type of issues. You need someone to give you a fresh start
without requiring you to have a spotless credit record.  Another good thing
about the cards is you can get cash advances for the entire credit limit and
the minimum monthly repayment requirement  is virtually pennies.  For instance
if you got one with a $12,000 credit limit you could access the entire credit
limit!  So if you got all 5 cards totally $40,000 you could get the entire
$40,000!  How great is that!

I also deal with another gentlemen in Glassglow, NJ who can do the same thing
but only for here in the USA banks. His fee is $150 to do it with a minimum
credit limit of $12,000. He does charge a back end fee of $1000 that is due
only when you get the card. You simply can have him process it through his
merchant account.

 There is no backend fees with the cards from Mexico. After you make your
payment I will give you the phone numbers of the individuals doing this so you
can call with any further questions. Feel free to email me with questions and I
will do my best to answer them. Having got the cards I can tell you that you
won't be dissappointed. My contact in Mexico will email you copies of his bank
statement and cards as proof if you require him to do so after speaking with
him. You must be in the program first before receiving this for confidentiality

So all you need to get the ball rolling is to send me $250 if you want to get
the cards from Mexico and $150 if you want to get the one from the USA. My
contact in Mexico will send you an agreement outlining the services. You can send
payment to me via mail or western union. After getting your email I will send
you instructions on how to make payment. Do not  hesitate on this one. The
response has been incredible. It seems like everyone wants to get these credit
cards. In order to not be put on a waiting list let me hear from you
immediately. You will be glad you did.

Send email to rf12good@yuhknow.com subj $40K

Rod Floyd
760 Market St #315
San Francisco, CA 94102


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