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How to Select a Good, Safe Horse

Safe Horse

Lindsey Knight originally developed this training video to help riding instructors select good, safe lesson horses. But it's equally valuable to anyone involved in riding, buying, leasing or selling a horse.

The key thing is, even if you're not able to run every test a professional uses to evaluate a horse, you need to know about them. That way, you'll be able to ask the right questions and recognize potential problems before committing to a new horse. Or, if you already have a horse, you'll be able to recognize and correct unsafe behaviors before they pose risks to you or make your horse less attractive to others.

What You'll Learn

This video runs through a detailed checklist for evaluating horses for safe, mannerly behavior as well as for suitability and ride-ability for amateur riders. It walks you through a step-by-step process for assessing:

  • Good behavior in the stall
  • Good behavior on the lead
  • Good behavior in the cross-ties
  • Kindness and manners
  • Balance and responsiveness
  • Easy-gaitedness and ride-ability


These are the traits you want and need in a horse. They make learning to ride a much safer, easier and more fulfilling experience.

Improve Your Ability to Evaluate Horses

If you're buying or leasing a horse, this video could make all the difference in the world between getting a horse that's safe to be around and a joy to ride, or one that continually presents you with intractable problems. If you're selling one, it could help you make your horse much more valuable by correcting unsafe behaviors.

So click the link below to get immediate access to this video. Within minutes, you'll see what a good, safe horse looks like, how it moves and how it reacts (or doesn't react) to what's going on around it.

Just $8.99

Lindsey Knight Aside from being a founder of Competitive Rider, Lindsey is a successful professional rider, horse trainer and manager of the lesson and clinic program at Trowbridge's LTD. A top competitor herself in national-championship open classes, she has taken numerous amateur riders to national-championship wins in the Arabian show circuit.

In recognition of her professional accomplishments, Lindsey was nominated for the APAHA's Rising Star award in 2008. She brings new and varied perspectives to her training videos because of her broad experience as a nationally recognized saddle-seat and hunter rider, junior hunter-jumper rider and intercollegiate polo player. She also holds bachelor degrees in both psychology and business.


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