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Company Name: First Liberty Power Corp.
Trading Symbol: FLPC


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 The company is a “green sector” company, which is the reason were placing it on HIGH ALERT. Companies in this industry have been able to produce phenomenal results in both the short and long term. We anticipate strong gains that could benefit your portfolio.


Technical Indicators

  • During the month of October, shares of (FLPC) skyrocketed over 66% on tremendously high volume, reaching a high of 67 cents.  Contributing factors such as company development, bullish technical signals and strong corporate and industry structure helped.
  • In the past few weeks, shares of (FLPC) have declined, approaching its support levels in the upper 30 cent range per share. This provides an extremely undervalued trade price allowing members the opportunity to buy at a safe price and offers a GREATER chance of STRONG short-term gains.
  • (FLPC) is currently registering a strong bullish signal. The RSI figure is below midpoint, which is showing an undervalued current price per share. The RSI index is- 39. This shows increased potential for a bullish outbreak based on (FLPC)’s past and current volatility levels.
  • Moreover, the candlestick pattern shows us the daily level will be seeing strong appreciation due to lower and almost nonexistent selling pressure.
  • FLPC is currently trading at 38 cents, which is a strong support level and in our opinion  undervalued/
  • FLPC  had a 52-week high of 1.10 per share, which represents a potential gain of 190%
  • "The clean energy revolution is here now", declared Greg Wetstone, senior director for government and public affairs at the American Wind Energy Association.
  • FLPC President and CEO commented, "First Liberty believes lithium, vanadium and uranium will play a key role in the revolutionary transformation taking place in the way the world is powered."
  • General Motors is one of the world's largest automakers and traces its roots back to 1908.
  • Several weeks ago General Motors announced that they will invest $23.5 million for additional production of vehicle electrification components on the site of the Baltimore Transmission Plant, where the first electric motor manufacturing facility in the U.S. will be operated by a major automaker.
  • This announcement is in addition to the $246 million investment announced in January to build a high-volume electric drive production facility for GM's next-generation rear-wheel drive Two-mode Hybrid system!

(FLPC)  is a mineral exploration company focused on the extraction of lithium and vanadium resources in the United States. These two elements have strong market value and support green powered technologies.

  • Lithium is used in rechargeable batteries for electronic devices.  It has an extremely long life capability and high energy to weight ratio, making it the #1 solution.
  • Vanadium is another strategic metal used for engineering in automobiles, aerospace, aviation, shipping and construction.

(FLPC)’s market is continually growing and recently the Obama administration increased green sector’s funding by over a billion dollars. 
(FLPC) has several properties in Utah and Nevada along with rights to an 84 claim, 12,800 acre property. 


Breaking News

(FLPC) is pleased to announce today its proposed second phase of its exploration program for the Lida Valley Lithium Brine Prospect (the LVW claims). The property covers 12,800 acres and is located in Esmeralda County, Nevada. 


The LVW claims share a similar geology and weathering history to nearby Clayton Valley and the LVW Claims are located within 15 miles of the Montezuma Peak, which is believed to be the source of the region's lithium. The north end of Clayton Valley hosts Chemetall Foote Corporation's Silver Peak Mine, the only lithium brine producer in the United States. 

Mine production comes from lithium enriched brine located below the surface. This plant has been in production since 1967 and is designed to produce up to 1.2 million kilograms of lithium hydroxide per annum. 

First Liberty Power Corp. President and CEO Glyn R. Garner comments, "We are working with GeoXplor Corp. and Hasbrouck Geophysics, Inc. on the budget and a timeline to begin work. We are committed to keeping our shareholders informed of our progress; I anticipate further details on the program to be released over the coming weeks." 


To read the full press release, please click here.




News from (FLPC) shows current investors and future shareholders the potential growth and the impact that could have on share prices (FLPC). 
We hope you see the potential of (FLPC).


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