You're going to love this!



In fact, I am so sure you're going to love this Trading Idea I have for you today that I'm going to skip right through all the normal introductory info, and get right to it.


Company Name: Monster Offers
Trading Symbol: MONT.OB
Yahoo! Finance:   http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=MONT.OB

You know how sometimes you see a Company that just totally JUMPS OUT AT YOU?
MONT is literally going to jump out at you! 

Let me explain...

MONT has a relatively simple business plan, but it's a business plan that hasn't been taken advantage of to many times, and those who have 'ran' with this business model, are profiting in a major way!

Monster Offers (MONT) is an aggregator and publisher of local daily deals on the Internet. Using their advanced technology, their team scours the web and brings you the best daily deals every day.

Based on recent estimates, there are now more than 500 daily deal sites on the Internet. Everybody likes to save money, but who has time to visit all of these sites?

This is why Monster Offers is so valuable.
MONT displays offers from all the top daily deal sites, all in one place, everyday!
--- You see, it's really quite simple, but extremely effective! 


Maybe you're totally grasping the size of this industry MONT is in, or maybe this is new to you.. Whatever it is, I really want you to take a look at one of MONT's competitors to see for yourself the potential there is in this industry, and the different kind of exit strategies Companies like this have.

Take a look at this article to get a feel for what I'm talking about: http://www.businessinsider.com/of-course-yahoo-wants-to-buy-groupon--so-should-google-amazon-and-ebay-2010-10

This industry is HUGE, and all of the major players out there want a piece of it!
Here's another article: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Yahoos-Informal-Offer-To-Buy-siliconalley-136879790.html?x=0&.v=7

A little more n MONT:
MONT introduces the Social Network Channel™ (SCN), a breakthrough technology platform that places Social Marketing at the center of the marketing world and the hub of today's business enterprise.

MONT ‘s Social Networking and Commerce solutions are based on proven infrastructure and Service Oriented Web 3.0 Architecture designed for the social Web, and can be easily integrated with other existing technologies, the latest social media and marketing communications solutions.


Based on recent estimates, there are more than 500 deal sites on the web. This is where MONT comes in. Everyone who wants to find a deal on the web, from any site, all they have to do is just go to MONT’s website! This saves time, and money for clients, as well as advertisers. Moreover, MONT has an email server, which it uses to email its members about upcoming deals and advertisements.

On top of the EXPLODING industry MONT is breaking into, take a look at the recent news they just put out this morning:

Monster Offers Announces Entry into the Exploding Deal of the Day Marketplace

Look at this deal as an EXCELLENT ground floor opportunity. Look at the absolutely massive potential this company has, in an exploding field that is sought after by all the Majors out there, and consider this one very seriously.
Think about what happens if a 5000 dollar investment into a company like this, get bought out (taken over) by a company like Google, or Yahoo!.. Can you imagine?

Look at it differently...

Short term, yeah I think you can make some money, but it's the long term potential (Which may not be all that long term anyways) that I'm interested in.

Easiest way to play a stock like this in my opinion is this... Figure out an acceptable % you are willing to lose (I hate to start with a negative, but it's the best way to ensure success).

Once you've figured out how much you want to play with, and where to set your stop losses, let this puppy ride.. Easy as 1, 2, 3 - And in MONT's sector with what they are doing, I think we're all looking at some major long term gains on this stock!








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