Just-released Geological Data suggest lithium startup, First Liberty Power
Corp (FLPC.OB) is already positioned to be...

And with their recent announcement of a Second Phase Exploration Program for
their Lida Valley Nevada Lithium Prospect, FLPC.OB is HOTTER THEN EVER!
Lithium Plays have made investors a Fortune in recent months - Just Look at
these recent Lithium Winners and ask yourself, where could FLPC place in my


Name: First Liberty Power Corp.

Trading Symbol: FLPC

Dear Fellow Investor,

I know... I know. You're thinking this is just another one of those
exaggerated Lithium Plays.

I don't blame you. But in out opinion, the potential we see for the
still-undiscovered, lithium startup, First Liberty Power Corp. (FLPC.OB) is

Why? It's Simple. It happened earlier this year to a similar lithium startup
company by the name of Lithium One...

Lithium One actually gained 2,916% in just 10 months. If it happened once,
it can easily happen again. Only this time it could happen even faster,
because as
you'll come to realize as you read on, FLPC has an advantage that Lithium
One did not...

A late-breaking geological report that, when Wall Street gets wind of, could
blow the doors off FLPC.OB's trading price and make significant Profits for
Early Investors.

The facts are, that while the broad market has been struggling, every single
one of the lithium companies listed above was quick to hand early investors
an absolutely spectacular gain!

How come? Because, in case you haven't heard, the world is going green. And
right now, lithium is the "greenest" investment on all of Wall Street.
It's not hype. It's not some passing fad. The lithium revolution is for

Electric motors powered by lithium-ion batteries are already in the process
of replacing gas-powered vehicular engines. According to the D.T.T. Global
Manufacturing Industry Group, within a decade, electric vehicles powered by lithium-ion
batteries will account for a third of total car sales. More on all that
follows. The point is that lithium, used to make powerful, fast-charging lithium-ion batteries, is the
power source of the future.

Lithium is the "new oil," and the gasoline-powered internal combustion
engine is about to become a relic! Lithium-ion batteries will help end the
world's dependence on crude oil. Fears over global warming... government restrictions on carbon
emissions... government tax incentives to "go green". . . together with the
realization that crude oil reserves really are finite, and dwindling... plus the 2008 spike
in crude oil prices to almost $150 a barrel... have finally convinced the
auto industry to switch to (and the public to buy) electric powered cars.

The lithium revolution could prove a more profound paradigm shift than even
the advent of the microchip! It's the opportunity of a lifetime to get in on
the ground floor of the next big thing!

All those lithium startup companies listed above blasted upward with gains
of 508%... 888%... 1,500%... and even 2,916% because savvy investors
understand that getting in very early on lithium is like buying into crude oil in the late

Lithium-ion batteries are in the early stages of changing everything!
Including your net worth!

There's absolutely no doubt, investing in lithium could make you very, very
rich. But, it's too late to catch the explosive initial surge of those
already-in-orbit lithium startups.
However, if you missed out on the initial rush that drove some lithium plays
up by as much as 2,916%, don't feel bad.

Here's your second chance. This one about to blast off from the launching
pad. The countdown is nearly over, and, based on just-released geological
data, it looks like this one could top out even higher! It's new, still undiscovered. And in our
opinion, First Liberty Power Corp. (FLPC.OB) is perfectly positioned to
duplicate, or even surpass the kind of quick, 508% to 2,916% gains already enjoyed this year by
previous lithium startups.

The First Liberty Power Corp. (FLPC.OB) Chart is commanding investor

Just look at the chart of another exploration company, Lithium One
(CDNX:LI.V) when it exploded by 2,916%% in just 10 months! Earlier this
year, the LI.V ran from 6 cents to $1.89 and on three separate occasions, rewarded early investors
with one-day doubles!

We think First Liberty Power Corp. has the critically-located leases and the
management to convince Wall Street to go all in. In 10 to 12 months, it's
possible that FLPC's chart could look like the one at right!

Don't wait until a similar stampede for First Liberty Power Corp begins.
Hesitate even a day and you could potentially miss a one-day gain of 100%!

Begin researching First Liberty Power Corp. as soon as possible. As we see
it, this hot Lithium Play is starting to move and you don't want to have to
chase it up!

First Liberty Power Corp could also prove to be the ultimate, long-term
winner in the fast-developing lithium revolution!

Just as hundreds of pioneering crude oil drillers fell by the wayside after
the explosive start of the last great energy revolution, so too many of the
recent lithium startups will not survive..

But, of all the dozens of promising lithium startups I've investigated,
First Liberty Power Corp looks to me to be the ultimate long-term winner.

The reason why is simple. Location. . .location. . .location!

First Liberty Power Corp owns a vast 12,800 acre claim in the lithium-rich
Lida Valley in South Western Nevada, less than 15 miles from Chemetall Foote
Corporation's Silver Peak Mine, the only lithium brine producer in the United States. It's been in
production since 1967 and designed to produce up to 1.2 million kilograms of
lithium hydroxide per annum.

First Liberty's claim is situated within the Lida Valley playa that is
approximately 2 miles wide and 4 miles long. The claim block contains
seventy-six 160-acre Placer Claims and eight 80-acre Placer Claims comprising a surface area of 12,800 acres. Here's all
you need to understand about this claim and what sets it apart from other
promising lithium startups:!

Just-released geological data CONFIRM the valley is a catch basin repository
that, over millions of years, has trapped vast quantities of lithium
concentrates eroded from the world's richest lithium deposit!

Nature's already done most of the work! The source of the lithium in the
Lida Valley region are, what geologists refer to, as enriched rhyolite tuffs
that outcrop south and east of Montezuma Peak, located about 15 miles from First Liberty's claim. The
Tertiary rhyolites from these Montezuma mountains are considered to be the
most lithium rich rhyolites in the world, (MacDonald et. Al; 1992)

First Liberty Power Corp. (OTCBB:FLPC) just announced positive results of
what geologists call a Gravity Survey of its Lida Valley, Nevada lithium
claim, recently completed by Hasbrouck Geophysics Corp. The purpose of the Survey was to confirm that the
underlying geological formations have made the Lida Valley a natural catch
basin for lithium brine runoff from the world’s richest lithium deposit.

Over millions of years, hard rock lithium exposed by volcanic activity has
been exposed to rain and natural weathering processes and gradually eroded
these rich lithium deposits and washed them into the Lida Valley below where, as indicated by the
latest, just-released geological data, they were trapped by impermeable rock

It's as if a giant sieve has been filtering the mountain runoff and
collecting and concentrating all that eroded lithium in one convenient,
super-saturated pool!

Best of all, this lithium is in the form of an easily-mined enriched brine
that lies just below the surface, a tremendous cost advantage over lithium
imported from hard-rock mines in South America!

America is going to need a limitless source of lithium and First Liberty
FLPC.OB looks like it's got it!

Just Keep in mind that earlier this year, another lithium exploration
company, Lithium One Inc., actually doubled its PPS on three separate days
as it climbed relentlessly to a 10-month gain of 2,916%! If you'd been able to time it exactly right, an investment
of $10,000 would have exploded in value to $291,600.00 in less than a year!.


In our opinion, First Liberty Power Corp. has got what it takes to
establish itself as a leading Lithium Supplier in North America. Do your
due diligence and consider an investment in FLPC Today before it's on every investors radar!

News from
(FLPC) shows current investors and future shareholders the potential
growth and the impact that could have on share prices (FLPC).

We hope you see the potential of (FLPC).



All investment entails inherent risk. All final investment decisions are
yours and as a result could make or lose money. Our aim is to provide the
best research available, but cannot be held responsible for opinions
Research and opinions are provided by third party analysts with which we
partner to deliver research reports. We are not a broker/dealer, and do not
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we do not guarantee its accuracy or completeness. The statements made herein
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