As a result of recent developments and a significant increase in trading volume, we are suggest putting VCTZF on your radars.

Valcent Products Inc. (OTC: VCTZF) specializes in growing solutions and plant based consumer products and is a leader in the development of innovative and practical eco-technologies.

In addition to focusing on the research and development of consumer and industrial products in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, VCTZF:

After a month without news, VCTZF broke the silence in a major way by announcing its entrance into a major agreement with institute B Development Corporation, including an elite team of former Lululemon executives, to commercialize VertiCrop vertical farming technology worldwide.

Not only does institute B Development Corporation have a stellar management team, including ex-Lululemon (NASDAQ: LULU) general manager Darrell Kopke, but this transaction “significantly reduces the current debt of Valcent and is an expression of confidence on the new management group’s previous track record in international marketing.”

This is definitely exciting news for VCTZF. In fact, the Company’s CEO Chris Bradford issued this statement: “This is the most significant event of the company’s history as it will have the financial strength and management expertise to drive an aggressive commercialization program starting early in the new year.”

With this major news bringing attention to the Company, VCTZF has gained as much as 100% in the past two trading sessions, and closed up more than 70% over Monday’s open.

At current levels of approximately $0.16, we believe VCTZF is significantly undervalued, especially when considering the stock is trading down 80% from its 52-week high of $0.90 per share.

As always, we ask our members to conduct their own due diligence. Here are some resources to start your research:


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