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Ripoff Report Vultured Attempts to Extort and Collect Money!

Below you can see details of Ripoff Report's extortionist mode of operation. The use keywords review and complaints keywords specific to each company like omega one marketing reviews, omega one marketing complaints, omega one marketing complain review reviews, and omega one complaints to bring up the false report on Google when someone searches on Google about your company

1). They wait for you to get even a false negative statement and they will refuse to remove it unless you pay a minimum of $10,500. If you have more than 1 report for example 3 then you pay close to $30,000 (Almost 3 times the amount of 1 report) to have them removed. Even if they are false complaints. And believe it our not even if the original author that complained wants to remove the complaint, they refuse to remove it and continue to use the false negative information for extortion on your firm.

2). Ripoff Report actually create false complaints about some companies and ask them to pay $10,500 to have it removed. This claim is so shocking and hard to believe so here is a video with the proof and this video describes it in the Channel 7 New


====================Below is Their Extortion Rates====================

See the General Rates below – first you will see what we will be charging you, .. then you can see how we came to those numbers. 

If you agree to the costs below – I will then send you the 13 questions for our agreement…  if you get me the questions back, it will take me about 3 hours to get the agreement back to you.  

** I did extend you a discount, something we are doing till August 29th 2014.. September is way too busy to think about discounts .. L 

All the Reports should be able to be fixed, about 7 days after you join ...  again, what we do is instant. No waiting. 

this is like nothing else you could ever do for your business…

* 24 hour monitoring for new complaints – so no new complaints are ever filed. Everything within reason to satisfy customer.. 
* Advertising and PR like no one else can do.
* extension of your customer service, also, like no one else can do..   
* you will get new found business every day from our REVIEWS – when potential customers are looking for your competitor, our review will come up! Just about everyone will read something called Ripoff Report Verified™  .. They now know more about you than your competitor! 
* When someone is looking to complain – they will see us first, they will see what we now say about your business, .. they will then want to bitch at us because of our support for your business - - we will then hold them off showing them executives at the company will be appreciative that they can make things right with you..  If they are not a real customer, there will be nothing for your business to do for them - - the submitted report goes nowhere. 

Down below are the RATES we are going to give to you  –  

. then go down below and you can see how we charge in general and how we came to the costs below..  

Think about the cost below – how many clients do you have to get to pay for the down payment. ? 

The down payment and monthly monitoring can be put onto any credit or debit card
… Yes, the monthly monitoring and customer service support fee is a must! 


THE COSTS for  $$$
Omega One Marketing - 1 Report

$       8,500 – one-time fee  = Omega One Marketing ((1st name usual cost $10,500/ discounted))
$          500 
- One-time fee for 1 reports x $500  ((usual cost $600 each discounted))
       $9,000  …   TOTAL down one-time fee / payable by any debit or Credit Card /or direct deposit Bank of America for down payment only.

PLUS, there is a monthly monitoring FEE / 
** $100 a month for monthly 
monitoring and customer service support fee / Advertising and PR like no one else can do 
this is a minimum charge - - no, this rate will never go up. 

Read # 1a if you have mutable locations.. 

#1.. If you have multiple store/ office locations, the first location will pay a onetime fee of $10,500.  The second location would be $7,500 .. then, 
Each additional location will pay a 1 time $5,500 fee for each additional location.. additional fees if there are other additional names, the second company name would be $7,500 and each additional name would be $5,500.. Depending on the type of business and the amount of locations, the rate could vary. If you have more than 10 locations, best to talk to us about special rates.. 

Below charges relates to those with 1 or more complaints filed against them and they don’t have multiple locations - 
you could still have 2 or 3 locations but have Reports on your business and be charged using the rates below. 
Any questions, just ask us to explain if you have any questions.

NOTE: *** 
If you have multiple names that you go by, and the business is selling the same product or related service.. there is a minimum ONE TIME charge of $7,500 for the second name, $5,500 for each additional – Each name would get its own feature story that would likely be found at the top of search engines. Each name gets their own on-site review.. acting as your first line of defense on the Internet.. and those that were not looking for you and find our review will want to do business with you, as they see your commitment to customer satisfaction, Verified by Ripoff Report. .. business consumers know they can trust. 

If a company has no complaints it MUST get a REVIEW – Just like many other companies on our Ripoff Report Verified™ Program

Check out these companies that have no complaints. Just about everyone will want to read something called Ripoff Report Verified.. 

Google: Wilenchik and Bartness PC

Google: More Tactical

OR .. if you are not being charged by the different locations you have, .. you will be charged by the amount of Reports below.   



  • …1 to 20 Reports…  One time charge $10,500 Programming Plus a one-time charge of $600 Per Report..

               Then Monthly Monitoring and Customer Service Support Fee  …36 month minimum. 
               These costs for the monthly monitoring are calculated the following way..
               $45.00 per Report times the Reports originally filed at the time of becoming a member
               Minimum $100.00 per month monitoring.           


NOTE: no matter how many Reports you have, ..the first 20 Reports will still cost $600 per Report.. then the balance of the Reports will be calculated as stated below. The more reports you have, the costs per Report goes down


  • …21 to 50 Reports… One time charge   $10,500 Programming Plus $500 Per Report..  
    Then Monthly Monitoring Fee 36 month min. $40.00 per Report times the Reports originally filed..         


  • 51 to  150 Reports …One time charge  $10,500 Programming Plus $475 Per Report..  
    Then Monthly Monitoring Fee 36 month min. $35.00 per Report times the Reports originally filed..     
  • 151 to  350 Reports …One time charge $15,500 Programming Plus $450 Per Report..  
    Then Monthly Monitoring Fee 36 month min. $30.00 per Report times the Reports originally filed.


  • 351 to 500 Reports … One time charge $15,500 Programming Plus $400 Per Report..  
    Then Monthly Monitoring Fee 36 month min. $25.00 per Report times the Reports originally filed..


  • 501 to  1000 Reports …One time charge $15,500 Programming Plus $350 Per Report.. 
    Then Monthly Monitoring Fee 36 month min. $20.00 per Report times the Reports originally filed.. 


  • 1001 to 1500 Reports … One time charge $20,500 Programming Plus $275 Per Report.. 
    Then Monthly Monitoring Fee 36 month min. $10.00 per Report times the Reports originally filed.. 


Ripoff Report CAP Program WORK SCHEDULE




================= End of Ripoff Report Extortion Rates=================


So do not use this company Ripoff Report that refuses to remove false negative complaints in their quest to extort money. Ripoff Report tries to get their false damaging report to come up when a customer searches for your company review keywords or keywords that people could use to search for a complaint about your company. Like omega one marketing reviews, reviews, Omega One Marketing Complaint Review, omega one marketing review, review and omega one reviews. The will also use complaint related search keywords to make sure their false report comes up when some potential customer searches for complaints about your company. So for example Ripoff report will use keywords like this against you company to bring up the reports when a potential customer searches for complaints about your company or email marketing agency: Omega one marketing complaints, complaints, Omega One Marketing Complaint Review, omega one marketing complaint, complaint and omega one complaints.

So please whatever you do, don't use Ripoff report to review Omega One Marketing and don't use them to review any company because most of their complaints are subject to being false complaints which they refused to remove and negative complaints which they forged and added themselves as can be heard in this video:


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